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Barcamp Stuttgart 2011

Posted on October 2, 2011

Barcamp Stuttgart 2011 is over and it was really nice, interesting and well organized (as always).


I chosed to participate in the following sessions:

  • Identity Management I visited the slot because I thought it would be about online identiy management, but the slot was about the corporate world. Tobias talked about different identity sources in corporations like SAP HR, Microsoft AD/Exchange and the problems on how to keep them up-to-date and in sync.
  • Memotechnik Andreas Lohrum introduced us to the art of memory and showed us how to remember the first 30 digits of PI. So now I only have to remember 100 words for the numbers 0 to 100 and than I should be able to remember telphone numbers. We'll see...
  • Startupscene Stuttgart What's the current status of the local startup scene and how to improve it. Harald Amelung made some Notes.
  • Geile Twitterbots Karsten Sauer showed us some of his twitter bots:
  • #GO-NUTS Sven gave a short introduction into the go programming language

There could have been some more technical sessions. The quality of the speakers was very good.