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Peter Hoffmann

Software Engineer
Getting started with the Cloudera Kudu storage engine in python

Cloudera Kudu is a distributed storage engine for fast data analytics. The python api is in alpa stage but already usable.
#python #pydata #spark Posted on Oct 8, 2015

PyScaffold - Easy setup of a Python project with a bliss

PyScaffold helps you to easily setup a new Python project.
#python Posted on Sep 8, 2015

EuroPython 2015 PySpark - Data Processing in Python on top of Apache Spark

Apache Spark is a computational engine for large-scale data processing. PySpark exposes the Spark programming model to Python. It defines an API for Resilient Distributed Datasets (RDDs) and the DataFrame API.
#python #pydata #spark #talk Posted on Aug 4, 2015

PyData 2015 Berlin - Introduction to the PySpark DataFrame API

This Talk from PyData 2015 Berlin gives an overview of the PySpark Data Frame API.
#python #pydata #spark #talk Posted on Jul 10, 2015

Robots Falling Down at DARPA Robotics Challenge

#ubermorgen Posted on Jun 7, 2015

MIT cheetah robot lands the running jump

#ubermorgen Posted on Jun 1, 2015

Structured Logging with Python and CEE Syslog Handler

cee_syslog_handler is an extension to the python syslog logging handler with support for structured json messages.
#python Posted on Mar 9, 2015

boston dynamics spot

Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a sensor head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain. Spot weighs about 160 lbs.
#ubermorgen Posted on Feb 10, 2015

python sqlalchemy exasol 0.9.1 with distribute by support

#python #exasol Posted on Jan 31, 2015

exasol dialect 0.9.0 for python sqlalchemy released

SQLAlchemy dialect for the EXASOL database.
#python #exasol Posted on Jan 26, 2015

EuroPython 2014 - Log everything with Logstash and Elasticsearch

When your application grows beyond one machine you need a central space to log, monitor and analyze what is going on. Logstash and elasticsearch store your logs in a structured way. Kibana is a web fronted to search and aggregate your logs.
#python #elasticsearch #talk Posted on Jul 28, 2014

Go for Python Hackers

There is a resurgence of native-compiled programming languages going on. Some of this work is in response to Python; we're now part of The Establishment against which newcomers are measured. Greg Ward gives an overview of Go, a recent native-compiled language, and how it relates to Python.
#python Posted on Aug 28, 2013

Code Just in Time, not Just in Case

#python #ruby Posted on Jun 2, 2013

Boston Dynamics - Petman

are you sarah conner?
#ubermorgen Posted on Apr 6, 2013

The Girls of Atomic City - Denise Kiernan

The Girls of Atomic City tells the unbelievable true story of young women during World War II who worked in a secret city dedicated to making fuel for the first atomic bomb, only they didn’t know that.
#book Posted on Apr 1, 2013 User Data Analysis - Part 3 has now more than 42.000 users. 15.000 active last week.
Posted on Mar 3, 2013

PyCon Russia - Redis Talk

Amir Salihefendic talks about Redis, scaling and some python libraries on top of redis like bitmapist.
#python #nosql Posted on Mar 2, 2013

BigDog throws Stones

Boston Dynamics BigDog Robot starts throwing stones - how long will it take until it throws them at us..?
#ubermorgen Posted on Mar 2, 2013

CoffeeScript and Symbiotic Languages

Jeremy Ashkenas talks about CoffeScript and Symbiotic Languages
#coffeescript Posted on Feb 12, 2013

Class Based Views with Silex

Silex-View is an implementation of class based views similar to django class based views and flask pluggable views for the php microframework silex.
#php Posted on Jan 26, 2013

Exasol In-Memory Database with Doctrine dbal in php

How to access the exasol in memory database with doctrine/dbal and build your queries with the QueryBuilder in php.
#php #exasol #nosql Posted on Jan 26, 2013

Departing Space Station Commander Sunita Williams gives a ISS tour

In her final days as Commander of the International Space Station, Sunita Williams of NASA recorded an extensive tour of the orbital laboratory.
#ubermorgen Posted on Jan 6, 2013

Compressorhead - an all robot band plays motorhead's ace of spades

Did you ever wonder what Danny Carey would sound like if he had 4 arms? How about if Angus Young had 78 fingers?
#ubermorgen Posted on Jan 6, 2013

A Brief History of Mechanical Horses

The Atlantic has a great overview of the history of mechanical horses.
#ubermorgen Posted on Sep 29, 2012

Frank Rieger Interviews Daniel Suarez

He wants to warn of the effects that autonomous drones might have on democratic institutions. Frank Rieger talks to the author and programmer Daniel Suarez about his book Kill Decision.
#ubermorgen Posted on Sep 25, 2012

CoffeeScript Source Maps

The CoffeeScript Redux compiler now supports the genaration of Source Maps.
#coffeescript Posted on Sep 23, 2012

Sky Cycle, a transport icon for London

London-based design firm Exterior Architecture has proposed elevated bike lanes.
#ubermorgen Posted on Sep 23, 2012

If string equals item from list a, followed by item from list b

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 22, 2012

Futureday 2012 Backstage Guenter Dueck vs Manfred Spitzer

A challenging discussion between Guenter Dueck (ex IBM Germany CTO) and Manfred Spitzer (author of controversy book Digital Dementia) backstage on Futureday 2012
#ubermorgen Posted on Sep 20, 2012

Cory Doctrow - The Coming Civil War over General-purpose Computing

The core issues for Doctorow come down to Human Rights versus Property Rights, Lockdown versus Certainty, and Owners versus mere Users.
#ubermorgen Posted on Sep 4, 2012

How to implement server push in Flask framework?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 2, 2012 User Data Analysis - Part 2

Posted on Aug 24, 2012

Highlight Active Menu Item with Twig and Silex

Twig snippet to define a reusable navigation bar. The active page is set in the inherited template.
#php Posted on Aug 21, 2012 User Data Analysis

#python Posted on Aug 13, 2012

Simple Twitter Streaming API access with Python and Oauth

Python example to access the twitter API on your behalf, without going through three legged autorization.
#python Posted on Aug 7, 2012

Mars Rover Curiosity landing

On August 6, 2012 on 05:31 UTC the Rover Curiosity landed on Mars.
#ubermorgen Posted on Aug 6, 2012

CoffeeScript String Interpolation with HTML Escaping

#coffeescript Posted on Jul 31, 2012

Argscript - a port of werkzeug script to argparse

#python Posted on Jun 10, 2012

Simple Python Queue with Redis

#python #redis #nosql Posted on Jun 3, 2012

Python markdown with github flavored code blocks

#python Posted on May 28, 2012

Neo4j Podcasts

#nosql #podcast Posted on May 1, 2012

Google Developer Weekend Hack and Tell

Posted on Nov 18, 2011

Peter Thiel - The End of the Future

Modern Western civilization stands on the twin plinths of science and technology.
#ubermorgen Posted on Oct 18, 2011

Barcamp Stuttgart 2011

Posted on Oct 2, 2011

send notes to simplenote from the command line and vim

#python Posted on Aug 13, 2011

Adding a dict based interface to the python leveldb api

#python #nosql Posted on Aug 6, 2011

Install LevelDB and the python bindings py-leveldb on ubuntu

#python #nosql Posted on Jul 31, 2011

asq - a simple implementation of a LINQ-inspired API for python

#python Posted on Jun 6, 2011

Authenticate Trac against a MySQL Table

Posted on May 28, 2011

Microsoft Sho Word Histogram and the Python Standard Library

#python Posted on Jan 27, 2011

How can I programmatically generate relevant tags for a database of URLs?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Jan 17, 2011

au coeur de la nuit avec Garri Kasparow et Peter Thiel

Garry Kasparow, on of the greatest chess players and Peter Thiel, german-born entrepreneur, co-founder of PayPal and first outside inverstor in facebook talk all night long.
#ubermorgen Posted on Jan 11, 2011

Atom feed for Google Reader liked items

#python Posted on Jan 6, 2011

Python live templates for PyCharm

#python Posted on Nov 26, 2010

Movie Roundup Tron Legacy, Plug and Pray, Snowblind

#ubermorgen Posted on Nov 12, 2010

CoffeeScript Roundup

#coffeescript Posted on Nov 11, 2010

Google Developer Day 2010

Posted on Nov 9, 2010

Rückschau auf die Android Talks und Vorschau auf den Google Developer Day

Posted on Nov 4, 2010

quick-and-dirty literate programming

#python Posted on Oct 14, 2010

Program or Be Programmed

And as we move into an increasingly digital reality, we must learn not just how to use programs but how to make them.
#ubermorgen Posted on Oct 8, 2010

12 hours

Posted on Oct 4, 2010

Refresh Browser on save with inotify and xdotool

#linux Posted on Aug 17, 2010

Extrinsic Visitor Pattern in Python with support for Inheritance

#python Posted on Aug 9, 2010

XML data binding with python descriptors

#python Posted on Jul 22, 2010

Digg import feeds and verification

#microformats Posted on Jul 18, 2010

Geocron uses Google Latitude to provide locationbased cron jobs

#cron #google #latitude #gps Posted on Jul 13, 2010

Retry Decorator in Python

#python Posted on Jul 10, 2010

This Week in Google with Chris Messina on OAuth and OpenID

#oauth #OpenID Posted on Jun 17, 2010

PubSubHubbub for JSON

#json Posted on Jun 17, 2010

Using a namedtuple factory with python sqlite

#python #sqlite Posted on Jun 8, 2010

Flask LessCSS

#python #css Posted on Jun 1, 2010

Salmon Demo Video

Posted on May 28, 2010

Mars Rover Opportunity und Spirit

#ubermorgen Posted on May 21, 2010


#xkcd Posted on May 18, 2010

Facebook Open Source projects

#facebook #podcast Posted on May 18, 2010

xml file using python

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Feb 23, 2010

python-socialgraph 0.2.3

#python #socialgraph #google #api Posted on Feb 18, 2010

Google Buzz Keyboard Shortcuts and Search Options

#buzz Posted on Feb 12, 2010


#xkcd Posted on Jan 29, 2010


#xkcd Posted on Dec 22, 2009

Geolocation provider for Firefox that allows manual input

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Dec 16, 2009

Stuttgarter Webmontag No.11

Posted on Dec 2, 2009

Similarity Between Users Based On Votes

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Dec 2, 2009

Parsing dates from free-text input in Python

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Nov 30, 2009

Go language benchmarks?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Nov 13, 2009

Python string formatting special characters

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 27, 2009

Java Fast Data Storage & Retrieval

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 15, 2009

Pythons libxml2 cant parse unicode strings

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 14, 2009

Extracting info from html using PHP(XPath), PHP/Python(Regexp) or Python(XPath)

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 12, 2009

web scraping a problem site

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 10, 2009

Is there a way to get the function a decorator has wrapped?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 9, 2009

command line arg parsing through introspection

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 28, 2009

Python and web-tags regex

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 10, 2009

I need a regex for the href attribute for an mp3 file url in python

#stackoverflow #python Posted on May 5, 2009

Whats a good way to mix RSS feeds using Python?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on May 3, 2009

Multiple Tuple to Two-Pair Tuple in Python?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Apr 16, 2009

Line completion with custom commands

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Jan 9, 2009

How do I convert XML to nested objects

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Jan 7, 2009

Best way to create a simple python web service

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Jan 6, 2009

Python wrapping method invocations with pre and post methods

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Nov 3, 2008

Python Regex Use - How to Get Positions of Matches

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 30, 2008

How do I add tab completion to the Python shell?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 29, 2008

How to copy all properties of an object to another object, in Python?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 28, 2008

Python file interface for strings

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 27, 2008

Python; get last answer

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 14, 2008

How to avoid computation every time a python module is reloaded

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 12, 2008

What is a good CMS written in Python (and not Plone)?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 8, 2008

What are some good resources for learning data mining?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 5, 2008

How do I iterate over a range of numbers in bash?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 4, 2008

Obfuscate / Mask / Scramble personal information

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 3, 2008

Python - How do I convert an OS-level handle to an open file to a file object?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Oct 3, 2008

Can I document Python code with doxygen (and does it make sense)?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 12, 2008

Best XML writing tool for Python

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 11, 2008

Python What is the best way to check if a list is empty?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 10, 2008

History of changes to a particular line of code in Subversion?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 10, 2008

How can I retrieve the page title of a webpage using Python?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 9, 2008

How do you keep track of programming/technology events in your location?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 8, 2008

Which Version of Python to Use for Maximum Compatibility

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 6, 2008

Django Print url of view without hardcoding the url

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 6, 2008

How to generate urls in django

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 4, 2008

A python web application framework for tight DB/GUI coupling?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 4, 2008

How would you make a comma-separated string from a list?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 4, 2008

Java and SQLite

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 3, 2008

Looking for MySQL IDE?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 3, 2008

How can you export the saved username and passwords in FireFox 2?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 2, 2008

Programmable, secure FTP replacement

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 2, 2008

Regex to match unique substrings

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 2, 2008

How to find out if a file exists in C# / .NET?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 2, 2008

Linux Lightweight Distro and X Windows for Development

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 1, 2008

How do you maintain a project schedule?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 1, 2008

Filter out HTML tags and resolve entities in python

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Sep 1, 2008

How to make Ruby or Python web sites to use multiple cores?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 31, 2008

What does ** (double star) and * (star) do for python parameters?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 31, 2008

Website Hardware Scaling

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 31, 2008

Is Python good for big software projects (not web based)?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 30, 2008

Favorite (G)Vim plugins/scripts?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 29, 2008

What open source hosting service should I use?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 29, 2008

How do I implement Search Functionality in a website?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 29, 2008

How to detect duplicate data?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 28, 2008

Is there a simple, elegant way to define Singletons in Python?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 28, 2008

How do threads work in Python, and what are common Python-threading specific pitfalls?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 28, 2008

Python exercises to hone your skills

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 27, 2008

Whats the best way to grab/parse command line arguments passed to a Python script?

#stackoverflow #python Posted on Aug 27, 2008

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