Peter Hoffmann Director Data Engineering at Blue Yonder. Python Developer, Conference Speaker, Mountaineer

JDA ICON - Enabler of AI - Overview of an AI Architecture

JDA ICON 2019 was all about technology, APIs, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning).

JDA ICON attendees were consuming everything they could about where JDA was going and how their companies could take advantage of JDA’s shift to becoming the supply chain platform.

Design Goals of an AI Architecture

  • business-critical predictions and decisions as-a-service
  • sustainability
  • short feedback cycles
  • highly productive data scientists


  • Blue Yonder Supply & Demand API
  • data scientists deploy to production without team or language barriers
  • native Python support (the language for AI / ML)
  • coverage of entire product development lifecycle
  • shared infrastructure designed for cost-efficient multi-tenancy of ML applications
  • container orchestration with deep integration of supporting services
  • standardisation through opinionated service templates