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PyCon.DE 2018

PyCon.DE 2018 is over. Second time in a row we organized it in ZKM Karlsruhe. Next year PyCon.DE will move to Berlin.

PyCon.DE is over. With one more room we sold over 700 Tickets and were sold out long before the conference.

All the talk videos are online. You can find a list in the PyCon.DE 2018 Channel. Highlights have been the three keynotes from Peter Weibel, Wes McKinney and Emmanuelle Gouillart.

Keynote - Peter Weibel - Digital Cultural Techniques

Born in Odessa in 1944, Peter Weibel studied literature, medicine, logic, philosophy, and film in Paris and Vienna. Since 1999, Peter Weibel is Chairman and CEO of the ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe.

Keynote - Wes McKinney - Looking backward, looking forward

Wes McKinney has been creating fast, easy-to-use data wrangling and statistical computing tools, mostly in the Python programming language, since 2007. He is best known for creating the pandas project and writing the book Python for Data Analysis. He is a PMC member of the Apache Arrow and Parquet projects in The Apache SoftwareFoundation.

Keynote - Emmanuelle Gouillart - Learn Programming and science with Scientific Python

Emmanuelle is a researcher and geek, enthusiastic about physics and glass science, Scientific Python and image processing, travels and graphic arts as well as a #skimage developer.