Google Developer Weekend Hack and Tell

The Google Developer Weekend started with a Berlin Hack and Tell Special Google Edition at C-Base.

Thanks to Deborah from for the Pizza.

Here's a short list of the projects:

Friedger Muefke

Friedger showed how to modify google docs with google appscript and access data from a spreadsheet and send it to a blog.

Lean Engine

Mathias from lean engine showed how to cloud enable your mobile apps.

Stefan Wehrmeyer

Stefan presented, a layer over google maps which tells you what points in a city you can reach via public transport in a given time.

Stefan uses to get the timetables for public transport. Sadly the berlin transport organization BVG does not provide real time data. is a map with wheelchair accessible places. The presenter showed how to work around the android sqlite limitations to work with lat/long positions.


Gonsala shode launchmode, an app to help visualize android activities.

xbounds is a great hack to add screensharing to mobile devices.


Johannes presented how to use andengine together with Physics Editor. It's a simple way to add physics to your games (like collition detection). Just load an image of your level to Physics Editor and load the result to andengind.

Jonas and Jan talked about some design decisions for an outdoor navigation and route planning app.

They dropped a local database on the mobile phones in support for a thin caching layer and now get all data from their servers.

Daniel Kurka

@dankurka showed It lets you programm gwt applications for mobile phones. The gwt programm is compiled to html5/css and runs via phone gap on your mobile phones