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send notes to simplenote from the command line and vim

Posted on August 13, 2011
#python is a command line app to send text to simplenote service. It uses the library.:

#!/usr/bin/env python
"""simplenote command line app"""

import sys
import fileinput

from simplenote import Simplenote
sn = Simplenote("XXX", "XXX")

def send(txt):
    note = {'content': txt}
    note, status = sn.add_note(note)

    if status != 0:
        print >> sys.stderr, note

def read_until_dot():
    line = raw_input()
    while line != ".":
        yield line
        line = raw_input()

import sys
def main(argv=None):
    if argv is None:
        argv = sys.argv

    if len(argv) == 1:
        lines = read_until_dot()
        lines = fileinput.input()


if __name__ == '__main__':


Enter a note:

write text
you want to send to simplenote
end note with one . in line

Pipe the output from another commant to simplenote:

$ echo "send output from command" | -

Send the contents from a file to simplenote:

$ some_text_file.txt


There is the simplenote.vim plugin. It lets you interact with simplenote. If you just want a quick way to send notes to simplenote use the following commands:

Send the current buffer to simplenote:

:%w ! -

Send the current selection to simplenote:

:'<,'>w ! -