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What is a good CMS written in Python (and not Plone)?

This my Answer to the stackoverflow question: What is a good CMS written in Python (and not Plone)?:

The pinax project is a kind of django bundle with some modules to build community sites. It is a good start to build your cms on it. There is a video available presenting it a djangoconf.

Feature List:

  • openid support
  • email verification
  • password management
  • site announcements
  • a notification framework
  • user-to-user messaging
  • friend invitation (both internal and external to the site)
  • a basic twitter clone
  • oembed support
  • gravatar support
  • interest groups (called tribes)
  • projects with basic task and issue management
  • threaded discussions
  • wikis with multiple markup support
  • blogging
  • bookmarks
  • tagging
  • contact import (from vCard, Google or Yahoo)
  • photo management

(from their website)